Our Services

In-home Aide

Our in-home aides are CNAs ( Certified Nursing Assistant ) or PCAs ( Personal Care Assistant ) that are assigned based on the particular needs of the client. They go out into the clients homes to assist with any and all daily living activities, certain limitations apply.


Our Companion service is a form of Home Care that offers no medical services. The goal of a Companion is to offer socialization and emotional support to the elderly as well as the disabled. Socializing can be instrumental in keeping the brain stimulated and healthy, while emotional support is critical to maintaining a persons mental health.


A sitter offers non-medical care to individuals in need of assistance on an irregular basis, as opposed to a daily schedule. This service allows the client to remain in the comfort of their own environment instead of being shuttled to and from temporary facilities.


Respite is used in addition to the clients regularly scheduled aide as a fill-in or for additional care that may be required outside of a current aides schedule.


Here at LovingCare HomeCare Services we pride ourselves on providing a quality experience for our employees, our clients as well as their families. The loving care of our clients is and will always remain our number one priority. Our staff members are highly trained , enthusiastic and dedicated to their responsibilities. We are all taught from day one to not only do our jobs but to do them with the same level of skill and compassion that we show our own loved ones. We dedicate ourselves on a daily basis to showing our elderly and disabled clients the dignity and respect they deserve.

Imon Wilson ( Office Manager )

“I have required assistance for around a decade now. Over the years I have preferred to work with the bigger brand name companies. After my most recent surgery I required more from my caregiver. Unfortunately things didn’t go as well as I would’ve hoped. A close friend referred me to LovingCare HomeCare Services. She was very pleased with their services and had developed a close relationship with her side. I decided to give them a try. I feel that giving them a try has been one of my best decisions. The office staff has been friendly, easy to work with and incredibly helpful, even when discussing matters totally unrelated to my healthcare plan. The few instances where an issue has arose the office staff has always been glad to help. They make themselves available to their clients any time and they always have an answer. My personal aide has been wonderful. She’s basically become part of the family. Working with a smaller agency has definitely had a more positive impact on my health and my overall healthcare plan. They truly make me feel like they care.”

Lynette G.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know my aide and having her around to help. I have good days but I also have some days that can get pretty rough. On my good days my aide offers something I would call friendship. We talk, we laugh and we genuinely enjoy ourselves while getting through the day. She seems to enjoy my back in the day stories. On my bad days she’s there to help as much as she can and she sees me through it. She’s a wonderful young woman and I’m very thankful for her and LovingCare for what they do.”

Rodney Sr.

“Being with LovingCare HealthCare Services has been great for me as well as my family. The pricing plans are very affordable and the staff has always been happy and willing to help find a way when things get tight. Being on a fixed income and also being a private-pay client can be stressful for a family but Loving Care does a great job of making the process as simple and affordable as possible for us. All of that in addition to having a really helpful nurse around the house to help has been a godsend to me and my family.”

Candace C